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  • Rent storage space in the canton of Nidwalden - a hit when it comes to moves, transport and storage

    Whether it's a private or commercial move: If you're planning a move, you need a reliable, experienced and high-performance moving partner. And this is exactly where VON HOLZEN TRANSPORT GmbH comes into play. We have the know-how and the capacity to ensure that the change of location or storage or temporary storage works like clockwork. New: now storage space for rent in the canton of Nidwalden. We offer the necessary storage space for everyone. Don't worry about whether you only need it for a month as temporary storage or for a longer period of time. Our concept is simple and adapts to your needs.Our services include: Private and commercial moves – nationally and throughout Europe Furniture transport Packing service Rental / sale of moving boxes New: Rental of storage room/storage space Assembly service and small renovation work Clearing out and environmentally friendly disposal of bulky waste Just give us a call, we will be happy to advise you: Tel. 041 610 60 16

  • Moving if you are disabled: What should you pay attention to?

    Accessible moving? Barrier-free moving? Moving can be challenging, especially for people with disabilities. It requires careful planning, consideration of individual needs, and collaboration with professionals to ensure a smooth transition. Here are some important points to keep in mind when planning a disability move: 1. Early planning: Start planning your move early. Give yourself enough time to make all necessary arrangements, including finding an accessible apartment and arranging special transportation. 2. Barrier-free apartments: Look specifically for barrier-free apartments that meet your specific requirements. Pay attention to wide doorways, ground-level entrances and wheelchair-accessible bathrooms. 3. Specialized moving companies: Choose a moving company that has experience in dealing with moves for people with disabilities - like VON HOLZEN TRANSPORT GmbH. These companies have the necessary expertise and equipment to make the move safe and efficient. 4. Moving assistants: Ask friends, family or caregivers to help you move. Well-organized help can make moving much easier. 5. Special transportation needs: If you have special transportation needs, such as a wheelchair, communicate this clearly with the moving company. They should be able to provide transportation to suit your needs. 6. Valuables and medication: Always carry important personal items, medications and important documents with you. To ensure they are easily accessible during the move, do not pack them in your moving belongings. 7. Address changes and support services: Don't forget to change your address in all relevant places. Make sure support services, such as care providers or therapists, are aware of your move so that they can continue their services seamlessly. 8. Moving day checklist: Create a detailed moving day checklist that covers all the important points. This also includes emergency contacts, medical supplies and important phone numbers. Conclusion: A Move with disabilities requires careful planning and Organization. By working with specialized moving companies and a supportive community, people with disabilities can experience a successful move and quickly settle into their new home. If you have any further questions or need assistance with your move, we are happy to help. VON HOLZEN TRANSPORT GmbH also helps with packaging and Dispose of.

  • The first shared apartment: This is something to consider when moving

    Love calls for a move! The time has come: As a couple, you have finally reached the point where your life plans match those of your partner and you should move into your first apartment together. So that this important step is remembered as a formative experience in a positive sense, you should move a few things to consider, which we will discuss below. Selecting the right apartment for the first move To find a new home that meets the needs of both partners, open communication is essential. How big should the apartment be? How much rent can be raised monthly? Which individual wishes of the partner must be taken into account? The search for the common four walls is a big step for both big sides and therefore teamwork. From the size of the apartment to the location and the costs, all factors should be discussed and determined together. Another point that should definitely be considered are areas to which the partners can withdraw if necessary. As nice as a relationship, closeness and a common home may be, sometimes we as humans just need a little rest and time for ourselves. What is taken over? What can be disposed of? Another step that should be tackled together: What about the old furniture or the furnishings of the old apartments? If you decide to live your life together in four walls in the future, you will inevitably be faced with the question of which furniture and fixtures you want to part with. After all, there is only limited space in the new home and an overcrowded apartment should ideally be avoided. Another advantage of decluttering is that you can free yourself from old baggage and at the same time make room for new memories together. How should you organize a move/moving into a shared apartment? Where to start? In the best case, two apartments are to be sold and one to move into. There are double sofas and bedrooms and household items such as crockery, etc. also.Well, there is the possibility to obtain storage rooms very cheaply. After all, you don't know whether you'll need the furniture again. For the first phase we would recommend this. Talk to us, we're sure to find a good solution. We the VON HOLZEN TRANSPORT GmbH are specialized in removals and transport of all kinds.

  • Work-life balance in transportation?

    Fun at work? All foreign words in balance transportation? Are you longing for the coming weekend on Mondays and dragging yourself through the working days more badly than right? Do you have a queasy feeling when you think about tomorrow's working day? Then it's high time to change something. Because a frustrating job spoils the joy of work. This is not only bad for you, but also for your employer and your colleagues. Especially in balance transportation, it depends on motivated employees, optimized processes and a functioning team. The fact that this works is shown by the good team spirit and the enjoyment of the job at VON HOLZEN TRANSPORT GmbH. We are proud of our employees and we like to show it! Here are a few good tips for all our colleagues in transport who also want to get up in the morning with a smile: Perform ruthless analysis If the work-life balance is out of balance, it is important to get to the bottom of things without embellishment. And as soon as possible, because delaying the analysis makes things worse. Rather tackle things head-on and ruthlessly consider your own situation. This includes questioning your own situation and clearly naming the problems. Possible questions: When did the problems start and what was the reason? Search for clarifying conversation Once the reason for the increasing work frustration has been identified, the causes can be tackled proactively. A clarifying conversation often works wonders. Look for an open dialogue with the person who seems most likely to be responsible for the problem. Have the courage to call a spade a spade and make your position clear. A little something is often enough to clear up misunderstandings. Another shift, another area, a new tour, a new work colleague, an unusual team building measure. And the moving industry becomes the perfect environment for the development of one's own personality. Point out the positive things Once the gray clouds have cleared, it is important to preserve the newly gained work momentum for as long as possible. The best way to do this is with a positive attitude. Realize the perks of your job. If necessary, make a list of all the enjoyable things that come with transportation. After all, not every employee gets to know new people and their habitats every day. This requires flexibility, a sense of responsibility, a certain amount of empathy and the willingness to recognize the customer's wishes and put them into practice. In the end there is a satisfied customer, which in turn leaves a satisfied employee. So all parties are happy. This feeling radiates to all areas of life, brings private life on board in addition to the job. The work-life balance is back on track in no time at all. With the result that good mood, laughter and fun are the only right solution. We are convinced of that :-)! We, VON HOLZEN TRANSPORT GmbH, attach great importance to our employees having fun at work. We love our job and we are happy to pass this feeling on.

  • Home renovation or refurbishment?

    Store furniture and household goods for a few days? Deside renovation or refurbishment. Renovation versus refurbishment When renovating a house, the focus is on the entire building structure, while a house renovation is more about refreshing the room walls, ceilings and floors, including painting the windows and doors. Nevertheless, in the absence of clear definitions, the boundaries between renovation and refurbishment are quite fluid. In principle, different "life cycles" apply to the different parts of the building. Tiled roofs can easily last half a century, while the heating system may need to be replaced after 20 years. For a house renovation, this means that it often only has to be carried out partially. Good, honest advice from a construction specialist can therefore be very valuable in the matter. Especially when the house is about to be sold, certain renovations can add enormous value to the property. In this context, the Swiss homeowners association (HEV Switzerland) issued the following recommendations: If the building fabric is in good condition, which goes hand in hand with a high market potential, a total renovation leads to a very high increase in the value of the home. If the market potential is moderate or even poor with good building fabric, a small increase in value or at least value retention can be achieved with a partial renovation. If the building fabric is in poor condition and the market potential is good, you should consider demolishing your home and then building a new one. Only minimal investments should be made in buildings with poor structural fabric and poor market potential, just enough so that the house can continue to be used. However the initial situation is to be assessed, with most renovation measures temporary storage of belongings is urgently required. For this purpose, VON HOLZEN TRANSPORT GmbH in the beautiful Swiss canton of Nidwalden south of Lucerne offers huge areas for cost-effective interim storage. These are modern, clean, heated, dry and well-ventilated storage rooms. Loading and unloading also takes place there under a permanent roof. It doesn't matter whether you only need storage space for a few days or for a few months. The storage spaces are given according to your needs. Important final note renovation or refurbishment State subsidies can be applied for in Switzerland for refurbishment and renovation work. For example, in order to be able to access funds from the building program, the entire building shell, i.e. the walls, the roof and the windows, must be completely renovated. Some cantons and communes also support energy-efficient building renovations with sizeable subsidies. These circumstances can be decisive when it comes to deciding on a partial or total renovation. ;-)

  • Moving after separation/divorce: how do I proceed?

    How to master your move after a separation or divorce Moving after a separation or divorce is usually unavoidable. In addition to the interpersonal problems, which mean a lot of psychological stress, there is also the enormous stress of moving. There are professional moving companies who can definitely cushion your "pain of separation" at this point and make it easier for you to say goodbye. Your moving after separation or divorce is at the same time a fresh start and the beginning of a "new stage" in your life. Intermediate storage and disposal no problem Many people who have to move move after a separation or divorce suffer from a deep sadness that can even take the form of depression. In order not to fall into such a deep hole, you should absolutely gratefully accept the help of your family, friends, colleagues and neighbors, because the associated conversations and advice will distract you in a positive sense. Unfortunately, moving after separation or divorce cannot always be carried out immediately and as desired. A common reason for this is the long search for your own apartment. It is not uncommon for the announced apartment to only become available a few weeks or months later, but all your furniture and belongings should be removed from the previous partner's apartment immediately. In such cases, a good removal company particularly in the context of a move after a separation or divorce will provide a temporary warehouse and will take care of the professional Disposal of bulky waste and other household items of all kinds that are no longer needed or are defective. In addition, moving companies have a wide range of suitable packaging material in their warehouse, which is a virtual guarantee that your transported and/or stored furniture will not get a single scratch. Moving after a separation or divorce should not become a trauma In order to be able to move cost-effectively after a separation or divorce, comprehensive and intelligent planning must first be carried out. However, the emotional state in the stressful situation of moving house after separation or divorce is usually so affected that one is hardly able to make a sensible decision, since thoughts keep circling around the loss of the partner, which in most cases leads to almost chronic insomnia. Therefore, we strongly advise you to let a professional moving company do the move after a separation or divorce. Here you will meet competent people who not only lend a hand and haul heavy pianos up many stairwells, but who can also spontaneously give you a technical hand if, for example, connecting the lamps in the new apartment proves to be problematic, a shelf does not quite fit into a niche or entire washing towers have to be set up. This service is also available to you if things have to be done very quickly, because moving companies know from experience what moving after a separation or divorce means for the people concerned. Avoid disputes when dividing the household If you are moving after a separation or divorce, the previously shared household should be divided fairly. This is relatively clear and simple, for example, with personal family heirlooms that everyone has brought into the household. The gifts from friends can usually also be assigned to certain people who were either closer to you or your partner. But joint purchases often lead to heated arguments. In order for the move to go as smoothly as possible in the event of a separation or divorce, everyone involved should plan to make concessions willingly, because this avoids conflicts, which ultimately leads to a division that both sides can (continue to) live with. If pets are involved, it should definitely only be about who the animals will ultimately have the better living conditions with. Conclusion on the subject of moving after separation or divorce When a move after a separation or divorce, those affected are quickly overwhelmed simply because of their emotional tension. The best way to say goodbye and start over is by consulting a professional moving company. Moving after separation or divorce is not as expensive as many might fear. This is because a moving company, with their sometimes decades of experience, knows exactly what needs to be done and how the process can be optimized.

  • Modern and versatile by moving company?

    A moving company should be as modern and versatile as you are! Get rid of the outdated image and bring versatility, flexibility and the highest quality!! You should only look forward to your new home and know that everything will work smoothly. Trust the new generation when it comes to moving - we at VON HOLZEN TRANSPORT GmbH set new standards! We are your silent partner ! We are there for you and handle the change of apartment or house discreetly, cleanly and highly efficiently. Professionalism at the highest level conveys calm and trust. Your needs are taken care of and are in good hands. We love perfection, discretion and the best quality - do you too? The attention to detail also takes place with us when you move. We are your extended arm. Want to know more? Then click here..

  • Is there a guarantee for perfection when reining?

    Yes, there is! However, a promise only succeeds if you live it. Reining guarantee by VON HOLZEN TRANSPORT! Quality, perfection and joy at work are our main credo. In order to ensure a problem-free and stress-free move, we give top priority to your needs and concerns when moving. Your satisfaction is fundamental to us. All our actions, considerations, planning and implementation are accordingly. Nothing is left to chance. Perfection in execution is crucial for every order. Our specialists are not just rein men, they are professionals with vision and a love of detail. We are extremely proud of that! Professional support with the disassembly and reassembly of your furniture complement our comprehensive quality and perfection when reining. In addition, there are state-of-the-art transporters, reining aids such as lifts or helicopters and the proven disposal of old objects. If you need packaging, there is also a rating service for that. Last but not least, intermediate storage is often used.Now to the question of whether there is a guarantee for perfection when reining? Yes! We reposition the topic of the move and stand for perfection, reliability and the best quality. Convince yourself! Here to the references....

  • These are the living trends for 2023

    A cozy home is worth its weight in gold. Beautiful furnishings are just as important as plants, home accessories and atmospheric lighting. The furnishing style is a matter of personal taste. And yet every year new trends in furniture, colours, lights, patterns and decorative objects attract visitors. Whether modern or traditional - a small change should not just be made after a move, but also to be in between. These are the hottest living trends of 2023! Interior design in 2023 – these are the living trends for 2023 The living trends of 2023 have a lot to offer, especially when it comes to basic furnishing styles. The 1920s come alive with Art Déco, eclecticism brings new and old together, green living is all the rage and the Scandinavian furnishing style also continues to have its place in the hip living trends of 2023. Friends of the country house style can get in touch with the social media trend Coastal Let Granny really let off steam. Eclecticism Eclecticism is the name of the absolute newcomer in the 2023 living trends. This is not an independent special direction in interior design, but rather a mixture of many different styles. Many different styles and elements come together here, whatever you like is allowed. The wild mix of patterns, furniture, old and new, art objects and unusual pictures and prints is by no means a colorful hodgepodge of mismatched furnishings and decorations. Rather, it is the skilful selection of things from inheritances, possibly attics and selected modern prints and furniture that give a room or the entire apartment a strong expression. An eclectically furnished apartment lives from individual eye-catchers, from contrasts and from enough empty or white space in which the pieces can also have an effect individually. With the eclectic style of living, you can experiment to your heart's content. If you found something great old at the flea market, a new piece of furniture has to give way. But you don't have to throw it away right away or even move Plan in a larger house. Don't be afraid to contact us. We transport your furniture in the case of a move from place to place , but clear out and store the furniture too. Who knows, maybe the outsourced chest of drawers will be good for a special trend next year or the year after. Art Deco With the Art Déco art and lifestyle, the 1920s are making their big appearance again in apartments and houses exactly one hundred years later. Art Deco among the living trends of 2023 means glamor, but also a relaxed sense of well-being in a luxurious or seemingly luxurious ambience. The color world of Art Deco is a perfectly contrasting mixture of warm candy tones such as mint green and old rose with cool accents of petrol and anthracite. The furnishing style is elegant with opulent forms, fabrics, marble and many gold-colored eye-catchers. Thick picture frames, mirrors, pillows, curtains with cords, carpets and sculptures shimmer in various shades of gold. Monochrome color choices for furniture and home accessories combined with geometric shapes and patterns make the Art Deco style elegant but not too opulent so that it doesn't drift off into kitsch. A trip to the attic, barn or cellar is also worthwhile for the Art Déco living trend declutter. We are happy to store old furniture and decorative items a. So you can always change your interior. Green interior Greenterior as a furnishing style and a living trend that will certainly continue for many years to come, brings nature and naturalness into your own four walls. The furnishing style symbolizes the longing for nature, for the outdoors. We spend far too many hours of the day in dreary offices, in musty factory buildings or overcrowded shopping centers. With Greenterior as one of the living trends for 2023, we are bringing nature and relaxation into our homes. It's not just about green and pastel-colored furniture and lots of plants, but also about sustainability in terms of materials. Linen, jute and cotton and many other natural materials are very popular when it comes to home accessories. So it's time to declutterMoving and Transport are happy to help. Coastal Granny The Coastal Granny style is very close to the Greenterior, but different. We owe this 2023 living trend above all to social media. Instagram, TikTok and Pinterest are the sources for the Coastal Granny interior style. With this trend, the maritime country house style is experiencing its second birth. With the style of living, a fresh sea breeze blows through the blue and white furnishings. The furniture and home accessories are kept rather natural and simple. Homemade, self-sewn and self-made furniture find their place here. Natural and sustainable materials are in the foreground. Wood and linen dominate, with accessories there can be a lot of shells, grass and decorations made of driftwood. The same applies here: not everything has to be disposed of. You can store a lot of things that you no longer need and use them again when they become trendy again. Storage spaces are not as expensive as you might think might suspect. Just ask us. Scandi and Japandi In recent years, the Scandinavian furnishing style has been in vogue. It's not completely gone either, but the Scandinavian look has been spiced up with a touch of Asia and Japan. Restrained colors in combination with individual highlights in strong tones such as violet or blue make the Japandi in combination with the Scandinavian furnishing style. Warm wooden elements meet clear lines in the furniture. Minimalism and Feng Shui characterize this 2023 living trend. Colours, patterns and materials in the living trends of 2023 The individual living trends for 2023 are already based on coherent color concepts and materials. Overall, the trends move in pastel, reserved colors that are combined with individual highlights. Colors such as petrol, moss green or rose hip are added and create interesting contrasts. Shiny materials such as brass, gold or silver should not be missing either. In a trend like Art Déco, they become more opulent and amplified, while in other styles such as the Greenterior or the Japandi-Scandi look, the shimmering elements are used more subtly. Velvet, marble and dark wood also make up the living trends of 2023. It will also be noticeable with the living trends 2023 with the patterns. Checks and eye-catching block stripes are hot in interior design this year. Whether it's a sofa cover, wallpaper or curtain - with a striking checked look, every piece gets its grand entrance. When it comes to materials, the 2023 living trends will continue to be sustainable. Bio-based materials and recycled materials are trendy. Upcycling and upclaiming like the Coastal Granny style also help conserve resources. When clear out or when Packing the boxes for a Moving there are some things that have a second life deserve upcycling. Living trends 2023 - almost everything is allowed In conclusion, one can say that the living trends for 2023 are colorful, subtle, opulent, minimalist, strong in patterns, restrained in form, sustainable and metallic - a mix that seems confused, but is not confused. Remember, not everything needs to be thrown away. Stock up on diverse pieces and combine old with new every year. So they are always trendy ;-) !

  • The 5 cardinal mistakes when moving: How to avoid stress and costs

    Moving can be an exciting, fun and relaxing time. In order for this to succeed, we recommend observing the 5 cardinal errors. These 5 cardinal moving mistakes can lead to delays, additional costs and even damage to your prized possessions. Therefore, it is of great importance to know and avoid these 5 cardinal mistakes when moving to ensure a smooth and successful move. This article introduces the 5 cardinal mistakes when moving and gives moving tips on how to avoid them. The 5 cardinal mistakes mentioned when moving are: lack of planning inaccurate estimate of moving costs Services set up too late insufficient packing of things and neglect of insurance coverage By avoiding these 5 cardinal moving mistakes and through careful move planning and preparation, you can reduce the stress and expense and ensure your move is a success. Whether you're moving within the city or to another region, knowing the 5 cardinal moving mistakes is invaluable and can help you make the move as smooth as possible. 1. Lack of planning One of the top 5 cardinal moving mistakes people make is poor moving planning. A move is not an easy undertaking and requires a lot of organization and lead time. Many people who want to organize the move themselves underestimate the time and effort required to carry out a move smoothly and effectively. A lack of relocation planning can result in delays, lost items and additional costs. To avoid this mistake, start planning your move early. Set a schedule that gives you enough time to complete all the necessary steps, like choosing a mover, packing your belongings, and arranging Transport and Storage .Recommendation: If you want to move stress-free, then we recommend us as a moving company . Check what other customers write about us! 2. Wrong estimate of moving costs Another common mistake when moving is an inaccurate estimate of moving costs. It's important to be aware that moving house can have many hidden costs that are often overlooked. For example, transport and storage costs, packaging materials and insurance costs can quickly add up and break your budget. To avoid this mistake, you should make a comprehensive list of all the costs associated with your move and make sure you take all the necessary steps to minimize those costs.Compare quotes from different moving companies and choose the best deal that suits your needs. It can also be helpful to seek advice from an experienced moving professional. We offer a free inspection and consultation. Don't hesitate to contact us via email or give us a call Phone 041 610 60 16. 3. Setting up services too late Another common mistake when moving is setting up services too late, such as open access to the house, possible roadblocks, special permits, signal boards and, last but not least, registering electricity and internet. Many people often forget that it takes time to set up these services and the lack of these services can cause significant inconvenience. To avoid this error, it's a good idea to research the requirements and timelines for setting up these services well in advance. On the other hand, if you have hired a professional moving company like us, they will plan all of these steps for you. We accompany the VON HOLZEN TRANSPORT GmbH our customers closely and see us as their partner. We are always there for you. 4. Insufficient packing of things Another common mistake when moving house is not packing properly. Many people tend to just throw their things in boxes without worrying about how to transport them. This can lead to damage or loss and make the move more difficult overall. To avoid this mistake, you should be careful when packing your belongings. Use suitable moving packaging, but also sufficient packaging materials such as bubble wrap, newspaper or Packing paper to protect your items from damage. Label your boxes with the contents and destination for easy unpacking and placement. If you need help, you can also use a professional packing service. We are always there for you. We offer our customers the moving boxes for rent. We bring them to you and pick you up again. Just give us a call: Tel. 041 610 60 16. 5. Neglect of insurance cover The last but certainly not the least important mistake when moving is neglecting insurance coverage. While you hope your move goes smoothly, unforeseen events such as accidents, theft or damage to your belongings can occur. If you do not have adequate insurance coverage, these events can lead to significant financial losses if you carry out the move yourself. To avoid this mistake, you should make sure you have adequate insurance. Conclusion All in all, a move is a complex matter that encompasses many different aspects. However, avoiding the 5 cardinal moving mistakes can ensure a smooth process and increase the chances of a successful and stress-free moving experience.

  • Insider tips for spring cleaning furniture & Co.

    Easter is over and we are already looking forward to the warmer days. There is a lot to do: On the one hand we want to get the apartment or house back in shape and on the other hand the clothes have to be sorted again. Then on top of that we might want some different decorations in the house and maybe some new furniture and some new clothes??Is the storage space in the basement or attic already overflowing? We give you insider tips on how best to proceed and plan spring cleaning furniture. 2. Grandma's tip for window cleaning: Master Propper cleaned everything for us. A few sprays in hot water and a good sponge. Then wipe the panes with newspaper. 6. Grandmother's tip for scratching wooden furniture: Take a walnut kernel and run it over the notch. Initially it is still light, over time it takes on the color of the wood. 9. Grandma's tip for yellow stains on white clothes: Take Jawell water and dilute it 10:1 with water. Leave the clothes in the lye for about 4 hours. Then wash normally.

  • Employee enthusiasm is not a “luxury”!

    What exactly defines us? What is the insider tip to have good employees. What does it mean to have fun at work? We reveal the "secret"! Some companies calculate every order and the profit from it. Employees are calculated tightly and not only have to work extra hours, they are also poorly paid and take a great risk. Both healthwise and physically. This circumstance leads to the fact that the work is poorly implemented. Customers often feel the frustration and energy. We set different standards and we are extremely proud of that! Our crew are people who are a perfect human fit for each other. They are employees who enjoy their work, customers, assembly and disassembly, trips and challenges. Our employees are colleagues and we have fun together. Idle times can be avoided with the best relocation planning. However, well thought-out planning offers much more. It offers peace and security for every employee. Having the necessary time to do the best for the customer is part of VON HOLZEN TRANSPORT GmbH. Employee enthusiasm is possible! Breaks are part of it and they are fun. Often such funny photos are created as can be seen here. The imagination is fueled. Our customers also notice that they enjoy their work. We inspire the way we are and we are proud of that! Thank you to our customers and our crew.

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