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Rent storage space in the canton of Nidwalden - a hit when it comes to moves, transport and storage

Whether it's a private or commercial move: If you're planning a move, you need a reliable, experienced and high-performance moving partner. And this is exactly where VON HOLZEN TRANSPORT GmbH comes into play. We have the know-how and the capacity to ensure that the change of location or storage or temporary storage works like clockwork.

New: now storage space for rent in the canton of Nidwalden. We offer the necessary storage space for everyone. Don't worry about whether you only need it for a month as temporary storage or for a longer period of time. Our concept is simple and adapts to your needs.Our services include:

  • Private and commercial moves – nationally and throughout Europe

  • Furniture transport

  • Packing service

  • Rental / sale of moving boxes

  • New: Rental of storage room/storage space

  • Assembly service and small renovation work

  • Clearing out and environmentally friendly disposal of bulky waste

Just give us a call, we will be happy to advise you: Tel. 041 610 60 16

Rent storage space in the canton of Nidwalden
Rent storage space in the canton of Nidwalden

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