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Nationale Transporte


National transports in Switzerland - you can't do without them.

Whether it's a cupboard or pallets - we bring the general cargo to its destination quickly.

In freight transport in Switzerland, national transports by road and rail are of outstanding importance - and the VON HOLZEN TRANSPORT GmbH will be there!

Safe and on time through Switzerland

We actively support you with national transports of all kinds throughout Switzerland. Whether it is a private move, a change of location with the entire commercial enterprise, national transports to near and far or small transports, our expert and experienced employees are always happy and enthusiastic to work for you. You describe your concerns to us and we have the right solution for you: Fast, thorough and efficient! Professionalism in national transport is our strength.

We always have the best solution for you!

You find a cheaper apartment somewhere else, change your job, move in with a partner, the apartment is too small because more children are announced, you are about to move into a retirement home, and, and, and ...? Our moving professionals are well equipped for every constellation and handle all the work steps of a national transport as part of the change of location with a high level of expertise and reliability. Due to many years of professional experience, every move of our employees is spot on. In order to prepare ourselves specifically for your transport, it goes without saying that we come to you in advance and record all the necessary steps. Do you have bulky items or large musical instruments, valuable antiques or works of art to transport? Is a furniture lift required? We clarify these and similar questions in advance so that we can provide you with the best possible support without delay with our “National Transports” service.




Nationaler Transport Schweiz

Direct transportation

Small transports within Switzerland

Our national transports involve the movement of items on a small scale. Be it the transport of a cupboard or the careful loading and transport of sensitive, noble designer pieces, we move objects safely to the desired destination on small transports.


Small-scale national transports are generally suitable for picking up bulky pieces of furniture or large electrical appliances from furniture stores or electronics retailers. Our drivers pick up shipments from you that you want to reliably deliver to a customer in Switzerland by a specific date.

Well thought-out logistics

Our range of services in the area of national transport includes much more than just transporting goods from one place to another. You have the option of outsourcing the storage and picking of your goods to us. This accelerates the delivery of ordered items and thus increases the satisfaction of your customers.



For all national transports within Switzerland, we pay attention to packaging that optimally protects the transported goods, because it is important to us to get your goods to the recipient safely. For all eventualities, the movement of goods in our trucks is also well secured with transport insurance.

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