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The first shared apartment: This is something to consider when moving

Updated: Oct 13, 2023

Love calls for a move!

The time has come: As a couple, you have finally reached the point where your life plans match those of your partner and you should move into your first apartment together.

So that this important step is remembered as a formative experience in a positive sense, you should move a few things to consider, which we will discuss below.

love and move in together
love and move in together

Selecting the right apartment for the first move

To find a new home that meets the needs of both partners, open communication is essential. How big should the apartment be? How much rent can be raised monthly? Which individual wishes of the partner must be taken into account?

The search for the common four walls is a big step for both big sides and therefore teamwork. From the size of the apartment to the location and the costs, all factors should be discussed and determined together.

Another point that should definitely be considered are areas to which the partners can withdraw if necessary. As nice as a relationship, closeness and a common home may be, sometimes we as humans just need a little rest and time for ourselves.

What is taken over? What can be disposed of?

Another step that should be tackled together: What about the old furniture or the furnishings of the old apartments? If you decide to live your life together in four walls in the future, you will inevitably be faced with the question of which furniture and fixtures you want to part with.

After all, there is only limited space in the new home and an overcrowded apartment should ideally be avoided. Another advantage of decluttering is that you can free yourself from old baggage and at the same time make room for new memories together.

How should you organize a move/moving into a shared apartment?

Where to start? In the best case, two apartments are to be sold and one to move into. There are double sofas and bedrooms and household items such as crockery, etc. also.Well, there is the possibility to obtain storage rooms very cheaply. After all, you don't know whether you'll need the furniture again. For the first phase we would recommend this. Talk to us, we're sure to find a good solution.

We the VON HOLZEN TRANSPORT GmbH are specialized in removals and transport of all kinds.

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