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Dismantling & assembly service

Dismantling & Assembly service throughout Switzerland.

No more assembly yourself! 

We take care of the dismantling & Assembly service in the canton of Nidwalden and throughout central Switzerland. Private individuals regularly request furniture assembly. Often an old cupboard that you also want to dispose of at the same time, or a new purchase of furniture that has to be put together. When moving, the dismantling & Assembly service extremely popular. Of course, we also accept company orders.

Dismantling & Assembly service in Central Switzerland:
What is included?

At removals we will of course dismantle and reassemble your furniture, after the delivery of ready-to-assemble furniture you can rely on our furniture assembly. It can also be other objects. For many household appliances, furnishings and accessories, our dismantling & Assembly service in the canton of Nidwalden is also very popular. It doesn't matter where you bought the things, who the producer is and whether we take care of your move. Den dismantling & Our experienced employees carry out the assembly service in first-class quality and in the shortest possible time. You save yourself the tedious task of assembling furniture when moving and after the delivery of furniture. Above all, the furniture is available through our dismantling & Assembly service exact. We can rule out damage that private individuals often inadvertently cause. We also receive company orders for this reason: Don't burden your staff with the fact that they have to dismantle and assemble the furniture for deliveries or an office move. Small defects are almost inevitable, which ultimately become expensive. Our expertise in dismantling & Assembly service is now known throughout the region, not just in Nidwalden, but throughout Central Switzerland.

Dismantling & assembly service  ADDITIONAL SERVICE




How do we settle furniture assembly in central Switzerland?

Billing is for the dismantling & Assembly service very flexible according to the actual effort. In addition, there are the travel costs in Central Switzerland. In the Nidwalden region, where we are based, our dismantling & Assembly service very short. To other places in Central Switzerland, we will calculate the exact route for furniture assembly. Book us for your dismantling or assembly orders, for individual pieces of furniture from private individuals, but you can also book us for furniture assembly of a complete facility and also the dismantling & Assembly service in offices, which is required for company orders. The prices are different accordingly. Just ask us.

Designer furniture and classics:
Dismantling & Assembly service with the highest accuracy

Designer furniture and also classics require differentiated furniture assembly. Our dismantling & Assembly service applies to all variants in all price ranges. This also includes design classics such as the USM Haller system or cupboards from the Alpnach standard cupboard systems. Such furniture lasts for generations, but requires absolutely precise furniture assembly.

We advise against dismantling and reassembling them yourself as a layman. We have the know-how and the capacity.

If you want furniture delivered in Nidwalden or throughout Central Switzerland, book our furniture assembly right away! You don't have to assemble these yourself.

Exact scheduling for company orders

For corporate orders we agree on the date for our dismantling & assembly service with you absolutely precisely. We know furniture assembly needs to fit your own schedule. Therefore we can offer you a dismantling & Offer assembly service. This would be important, for example, if you are expecting new office furniture to be delivered and the furniture needs to be assembled that same morning. Private individuals can also book this service if they use our disassembly & installation service must be timed tightly.

Dismantling & Plan assembly service

Are you about to move to central Switzerland? You need an appointment for the dismantling & Assembly service or want to find out about the possible costs? You are very welcome to write to us about contact. If you have any further questions about dismantling & assembly service, please feel free to contact us by telephone on 041 610 60 16!

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