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These are the living trends for 2023

Updated: Oct 13, 2023

A cozy home is worth its weight in gold. Beautiful furnishings are just as important as plants, home accessories and atmospheric lighting. The furnishing style is a matter of personal taste. And yet every year new trends in furniture, colours, lights, patterns and decorative objects attract visitors. Whether modern or traditional - a small change should not just be made after a move, but also to be in between. These are the hottest living trends of 2023!

Interior design in 2023 – these are the living trends for 2023

The living trends of 2023 have a lot to offer, especially when it comes to basic furnishing styles. The 1920s come alive with Art Déco, eclecticism brings new and old together, green living is all the rage and the Scandinavian furnishing style also continues to have its place in the hip living trends of 2023. Friends of the country house style can get in touch with the social media trend Coastal Let Granny really let off steam.


Eclecticism is the name of the absolute newcomer in the 2023 living trends. This is not an independent special direction in interior design, but rather a mixture of many different styles. Many different styles and elements come together here, whatever you like is allowed. The wild mix of patterns, furniture, old and new, art objects and unusual pictures and prints is by no means a colorful hodgepodge of mismatched furnishings and decorations. Rather, it is the skilful selection of things from inheritances, possibly attics and selected modern prints and furniture that give a room or the entire apartment a strong expression. An eclectically furnished apartment lives from individual eye-catchers, from contrasts and from enough empty or white space in which the pieces can also have an effect individually.


With the eclectic style of living, you can experiment to your heart's content. If you found something great old at the flea market, a new piece of furniture has to give way. But you don't have to throw it away right away or even move Plan in a larger house. Don't be afraid to contact us. We transport your furniture in the case of a move from place to place , but clear out and store the furniture too. Who knows, maybe the outsourced chest of drawers will be good for a special trend next year or the year after.

Art Deco

With the Art Déco art and lifestyle, the 1920s are making their big appearance again in apartments and houses exactly one hundred years later. Art Deco among the living trends of 2023 means glamor, but also a relaxed sense of well-being in a luxurious or seemingly luxurious ambience. The color world of Art Deco is a perfectly contrasting mixture of warm candy tones such as mint green and old rose with cool accents of petrol and anthracite. The furnishing style is elegant with opulent forms, fabrics, marble and many gold-colored eye-catchers. Thick picture frames, mirrors, pillows, curtains with cords, carpets and sculptures shimmer in various shades of gold. Monochrome color choices for furniture and home accessories combined with geometric shapes and patterns make the Art Deco style elegant but not too opulent so that it doesn't drift off into kitsch.

Art deco
Art deco

A trip to the attic, barn or cellar is also worthwhile for the Art Déco living trend declutter. We are happy to store old furniture and decorative items a. So you can always change your interior.

Green interior

Greenterior as a furnishing style and a living trend that will certainly continue for many years to come, brings nature and naturalness into your own four walls. The furnishing style symbolizes the longing for nature, for the outdoors. We spend far too many hours of the day in dreary offices, in musty factory buildings or overcrowded shopping centers. With Greenterior as one of the living trends for 2023, we are bringing nature and relaxation into our homes. It's not just about green and pastel-colored furniture and lots of plants, but also about sustainability in terms of materials. Linen, jute and cotton and many other natural materials are very popular when it comes to home accessories. So it's time to declutterMoving and Transport are happy to help.


Coastal Granny

The Coastal Granny style is very close to the Greenterior, but different. We owe this 2023 living trend above all to social media. Instagram, TikTok and Pinterest are the sources for the Coastal Granny interior style. With this trend, the maritime country house style is experiencing its second birth. With the style of living, a fresh sea breeze blows through the blue and white furnishings. The furniture and home accessories are kept rather natural and simple. Homemade, self-sewn and self-made furniture find their place here. Natural and sustainable materials are in the foreground. Wood and linen dominate, with accessories there can be a lot of shells, grass and decorations made of driftwood.

Coastal Granny living style
Coastal Granny

The same applies here: not everything has to be disposed of. You can store a lot of things that you no longer need and use them again when they become trendy again. Storage spaces are not as expensive as you might think might suspect. Just ask us.

Scandi and Japandi

In recent years, the Scandinavian furnishing style has been in vogue. It's not completely gone either, but the Scandinavian look has been spiced up with a touch of Asia and Japan. Restrained colors in combination with individual highlights in strong tones such as violet or blue make the Japandi in combination with the Scandinavian furnishing style. Warm wooden elements meet clear lines in the furniture. Minimalism and Feng Shui characterize this 2023 living trend.

Scandi and Japandi style of living
Scandi and Japandi

Colours, patterns and materials in the living trends of 2023

The individual living trends for 2023 are already based on coherent color concepts and materials. Overall, the trends move in pastel, reserved colors that are combined with individual highlights. Colors such as petrol, moss green or rose hip are added and create interesting contrasts. Shiny materials such as brass, gold or silver should not be missing either. In a trend like Art Déco, they become more opulent and amplified, while in other styles such as the Greenterior or the Japandi-Scandi look, the shimmering elements are used more subtly. Velvet, marble and dark wood also make up the living trends of 2023.

It will also be noticeable with the living trends 2023 with the patterns. Checks and eye-catching block stripes are hot in interior design this year. Whether it's a sofa cover, wallpaper or curtain - with a striking checked look, every piece gets its grand entrance.

When it comes to materials, the 2023 living trends will continue to be sustainable. Bio-based materials and recycled materials are trendy. Upcycling and upclaiming like the Coastal Granny style also help conserve resources. When clear out or when Packing the boxes for a Moving there are some things that have a second life deserve upcycling.

Living trends 2023 - almost everything is allowed

In conclusion, one can say that the living trends for 2023 are colorful, subtle, opulent, minimalist, strong in patterns, restrained in form, sustainable and metallic - a mix that seems confused, but is not confused. Remember, not everything needs to be thrown away. Stock up on diverse pieces and combine old with new every year. So they are always trendy ;-) !

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