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Moving after separation/divorce: how do I proceed?

Updated: Oct 13, 2023

How to master your move after a separation or divorce

Moving after a separation or divorce is usually unavoidable. In addition to the interpersonal problems, which mean a lot of psychological stress, there is also the enormous stress of moving. There are professional moving companies who can definitely cushion your "pain of separation" at this point and make it easier for you to say goodbye. Your moving after separation or divorce is at the same time a fresh start and the beginning of a "new stage" in your life.

Intermediate storage and disposal no problem

Many people who have to move move after a separation or divorce suffer from a deep sadness that can even take the form of depression. In order not to fall into such a deep hole, you should absolutely gratefully accept the help of your family, friends, colleagues and neighbors, because the associated conversations and advice will distract you in a positive sense.

Unfortunately, moving after separation or divorce cannot always be carried out immediately and as desired. A common reason for this is the long search for your own apartment. It is not uncommon for the announced apartment to only become available a few weeks or months later, but all your furniture and belongings should be removed from the previous partner's apartment immediately.

In such cases, a good removal company particularly in the context of a move after a separation or divorce will provide a temporary warehouse and will take care of the professional Disposal of bulky waste and other household items of all kinds that are no longer needed or are defective. In addition, moving companies have a wide range of suitable packaging material in their warehouse, which is a virtual guarantee that your transported and/or stored furniture will not get a single scratch.

Moving after a separation or divorce should not become a trauma

In order to be able to move cost-effectively after a separation or divorce, comprehensive and intelligent planning must first be carried out. However, the emotional state in the stressful situation of moving house after separation or divorce is usually so affected that one is hardly able to make a sensible decision, since thoughts keep circling around the loss of the partner, which in most cases leads to almost chronic insomnia.

Therefore, we strongly advise you to let a professional moving company do the move after a separation or divorce. Here you will meet competent people who not only lend a hand and haul heavy pianos up many stairwells, but who can also spontaneously give you a technical hand if, for example, connecting the lamps in the new apartment proves to be problematic, a shelf does not quite fit into a niche or entire washing towers have to be set up. This service is also available to you if things have to be done very quickly, because moving companies know from experience what moving after a separation or divorce means for the people concerned.

Avoid disputes when dividing the household

If you are moving after a separation or divorce, the previously shared household should be divided fairly. This is relatively clear and simple, for example, with personal family heirlooms that everyone has brought into the household. The gifts from friends can usually also be assigned to certain people who were either closer to you or your partner. But joint purchases often lead to heated arguments.

In order for the move to go as smoothly as possible in the event of a separation or divorce, everyone involved should plan to make concessions willingly, because this avoids conflicts, which ultimately leads to a division that both sides can (continue to) live with. If pets are involved, it should definitely only be about who the animals will ultimately have the better living conditions with.

How to master your move after a separation or divorce
How to master your move after a separation or divorce

Conclusion on the subject of moving after separation or divorce

When a move after a separation or divorce, those affected are quickly overwhelmed simply because of their emotional tension. The best way to say goodbye and start over is by consulting a professional moving company. Moving after separation or divorce is not as expensive as many might fear. This is because a moving company, with their sometimes decades of experience, knows exactly what needs to be done and how the process can be optimized.


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