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Minimize risk - but how?

efficiencyand experience - professionalism pays off!

A move abroad is always a risk that comes with some challenges. Is it a move?  abroad, must be given a lot of attention. In times of increasing globalization and thanks to freedom of movement within Europe, international moves (moving abroad) are no longer a rarity. Nevertheless, the hurdles should not be underestimated. We know what matters. Take the opportunity and just ask us. We advise you free of charge and highly professional!


Regardless of whether it is a private moving abroad or an international move for professional reasons, a competent partner is a great help. An experienced forwarding agency, which also deals with removals, for exampleIf you are familiar with Spain, Italy, Germany, France or Portugal, this proves to be the right address. We at VON HOLZEN TRANSPORT GmbH are an experienced moving company and also ensure that everything runs smoothly across borders. 

We speak several languages like German, Italiansch, Spanish, English and some French and Portuguese. Read more about us.

Moving abroad - The special challenges

Every move can come with challenges, but let's get startedmove abroadother this is particularly the case. Giving up the old apartment, leaving the familiar environment, setting up the new four walls and the transport of the furniture and personal things are to be mentioned here. Anyone who moves abroad has to travel particularly long distances. The transport of belongings in particular can therefore be associated with considerable effort.


Moving abroad is not only logistically demanding, but also organizationally. Sometimes several borders have to be crossed, which means that different regulations of the individual countries regarding the removal transport have to be observed. An experienced freight forwarder can take care of this and take a big burden off their customers.


Umzug Ausland Spanien

Moving to Spain


When moving abroad or moving back to Switzerland, the focus is often on bureaucracy. Without the right papers, moving abroad can quickly fail. Nevertheless, emigrants should not get bogged down in the formalities and instead also consider the practical aspects of moving abroad. Emigrants and immigrants often see their project as a great adventure and dedicate themselves to the planning or they are overwhelmed. But the closer they get to moving abroad or back to their home country of Switzerland, the more nervous they get. Some tension is natural, but it shouldn't be allowed to get the better of you. Good preparation is therefore the be-all and end-all. It is therefore advisable to hire a professional company or a moving company with experience. VON HOLZEN TRANSPORT GmbH sees itself as your personal partner. Request a free consultation today.



In the case of a move abroad or a move within Germany, the right approach is particularly important, because without it, emigrants make it unnecessarily difficult for themselves. 

It is advisable to have an experienced and competent partner at your side. Moving on your own is not recommended, especially if furniture and personal items need to be transported. The possibly existing legal requirements with the corresponding papers, as well as the high time and organizational effort belong in the hands of a professional moving company.

As an experienced moving company, VON HOLZEN TRANSPORT GmbH takes care of your move abroad. Contact us at an early stage and get professional support so that your move abroad is a success. This will make your new start a great success.

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