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Insider tips for spring cleaning furniture & Co.

Updated: Oct 13, 2023

Easter is over and we are already looking forward to the warmer days.

There is a lot to do: On the one hand we want to get the apartment or house back in shape and on the other hand the clothes have to be sorted again.

Then on top of that we might want some different decorations in the house and maybe some new furniture and some new clothes??Is the storage space in the basement or attic already overflowing?

We give you insider tips on how best to proceed and plan spring cleaning furniture.

2. Grandma's tip for window cleaning: Master Propper cleaned everything for us. A few sprays in hot water and a good sponge. Then wipe the panes with newspaper.

6. Grandmother's tip for scratching wooden furniture: Take a walnut kernel and run it over the notch. Initially it is still light, over time it takes on the color of the wood.

9. Grandma's tip for yellow stains on white clothes: Take Jawell water and dilute it 10:1 with water. Leave the clothes in the lye for about 4 hours. Then wash normally.

Insider tips for spring cleaning furniture & Co.
Insider tips for spring cleaning furniture & Co.

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