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The 5 cardinal mistakes when moving: How to avoid stress and costs

Updated: Oct 13, 2023

Moving can be an exciting, fun and relaxing time. In order for this to succeed, we recommend observing the 5 cardinal errors. These 5 cardinal moving mistakes can lead to delays, additional costs and even damage to your prized possessions. Therefore, it is of great importance to know and avoid these 5 cardinal mistakes when moving to ensure a smooth and successful move. This article introduces the 5 cardinal mistakes when moving and gives moving tips on how to avoid them.

The 5 cardinal mistakes mentioned when moving are:

  • lack of planning

  • inaccurate estimate of moving costs

  • Services set up too late

  • insufficient packing of things

  • and neglect of insurance coverage

By avoiding these 5 cardinal moving mistakes and through careful move planning and preparation, you can reduce the stress and expense and ensure your move is a success. Whether you're moving within the city or to another region, knowing the 5 cardinal moving mistakes is invaluable and can help you make the move as smooth as possible.

The 5 cardinal mistakes mentioned when movingThe 5 cardinal mistakes mentioned when moving
The 5 cardinal mistakes mentioned when moving

1. Lack of planning

One of the top 5 cardinal moving mistakes people make is poor moving planning. A move is not an easy undertaking and requires a lot of organization and lead time. Many people who want to organize the move themselves underestimate the time and effort required to carry out a move smoothly and effectively. A lack of relocation planning can result in delays, lost items and additional costs. To avoid this mistake, start planning your move early. Set a schedule that gives you enough time to complete all the necessary steps, like choosing a mover, packing your belongings, and arranging Transport and Storage .Recommendation: If you want to move stress-free, then we recommend us as a moving company . Check what other customers write about us!

2. Wrong estimate of moving costs

Another common mistake when moving is an inaccurate estimate of moving costs. It's important to be aware that moving house can have many hidden costs that are often overlooked. For example, transport and storage costs, packaging materials and insurance costs can quickly add up and break your budget.

To avoid this mistake, you should make a comprehensive list of all the costs associated with your move and make sure you take all the necessary steps to minimize those costs.Compare quotes from different moving companies and choose the best deal that suits your needs. It can also be helpful to seek advice from an experienced moving professional. We offer a free inspection and consultation. Don't hesitate to contact us via email or give us a call Phone 041 610 60 16.

3. Setting up services too late

Another common mistake when moving is setting up services too late, such as open access to the house, possible roadblocks, special permits, signal boards and, last but not least, registering electricity and internet. Many people often forget that it takes time to set up these services and the lack of these services can cause significant inconvenience.

To avoid this error, it's a good idea to research the requirements and timelines for setting up these services well in advance.

On the other hand, if you have hired a professional moving company like us, they will plan all of these steps for you. We accompany the VON HOLZEN TRANSPORT GmbH our customers closely and see us as their partner. We are always there for you.

4. Insufficient packing of things

Another common mistake when moving house is not packing properly. Many people tend to just throw their things in boxes without worrying about how to transport them. This can lead to damage or loss and make the move more difficult overall. To avoid this mistake, you should be careful when packing your belongings. Use suitable moving packaging, but also sufficient packaging materials such as bubble wrap, newspaper or Packing paper to protect your items from damage. Label your boxes with the contents and destination for easy unpacking and placement. If you need help, you can also use a professional packing service. We are always there for you. We offer our customers the moving boxes for rent. We bring them to you and pick you up again. Just give us a call: Tel. 041 610 60 16.

5. Neglect of insurance cover

The last but certainly not the least important mistake when moving is neglecting insurance coverage. While you hope your move goes smoothly, unforeseen events such as accidents, theft or damage to your belongings can occur. If you do not have adequate insurance coverage, these events can lead to significant financial losses if you carry out the move yourself. To avoid this mistake, you should make sure you have adequate insurance.


All in all, a move is a complex matter that encompasses many different aspects. However, avoiding the 5 cardinal moving mistakes can ensure a smooth process and increase the chances of a successful and stress-free moving experience.

Stress-free move with VON HOLZEN TRANSPORT GmbH
Stress-free move with VON HOLZEN TRANSPORT GmbH

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