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Proper storage of toys & clothes

Updated: Oct 13, 2023

Who doesn't know this: lack of space and clothes have to go in the basement? But is the basement the right place? More and more we find damp basements in new buildings. The reason for this is faster completion of the property and the result is dehumidifiers in every basement. Clothes, bags, shoes and also toys become rotten. This process is gradual. Bottom line: you have to throw things away.

Rent proper storage space?

To avoid such horror scenarios, you should store your clothes, toys and other valuable items properly. We offer you heated storage spaces in a storage room. You only rent what you really need. Temperature and light are regulated. Furniture can also suffer the same damage if it is not stored correctly.

Do storage areas have to be heated?

We are specialized and run modern proper storage rooms in the canton of Nidwalden. These are heated, have adequate ventilation and are clean. Such storage places are definitely worth their weight in gold for storing toys and clothes. If you want to use these valuables again, then heated storage areas are adequate.Want to know more? Then simply contact us.

Store correctly
Store correctly

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