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Moving Lucerne Luzern Umzug


You live in the canton of Lucerne or would like to move to or from the city?

You are looking for a moving company for your "Moving to Lucerne"?

We specialize in moving around Lucerne. Her "Around Lucerne" becomes a stress-free day with us. As a moving company, we offer all services related to your move to Lucerne. If you are looking for quality, request a free inspection today. We look forward to you!


No matter how often we look for cheap solutions, we are often disappointed. Just as we look for quality when we buy our groceries, we should definitely not only look for price when choosing a moving company. You would like to be able to look at your favorite things again in the new place and preferably without scratches or other damage. A professional moving company for your moving to Lucerne definitely makes sense, especially if you love a carefree package and you care about the furniture. 

With VON HOLZEN TRANSPORT GmbH you have a professional moving partner at your side. We organize your entire move to Lucerne or from  Lucerne wherever you wish. We take care of all transport work related to your change of residence. You can sit back and relax. 

We know Lucerne and the surrounding area. We know all the streets and know what the road conditions are like and where you need special permits. Nothing stands in the way of a change of residence. Simply get in touch with us. We guarantee fair prices and the highest level of professionalism and efficiency. Read what other customers say about us.




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Moving old town lucerne


Without a visit, you cannot make a serious offer and therefore not define the costs. Flat-rate prices without viewing are not our specialty.
We work very seriously and take a close look at the pieces of furniture and other objects. As professionals, we know which furniture needs to be packed and transported and how so that it arrives at its new location. Special equipment is often required for transport, which is determined during the inspection. It can be a furniture lift or special covers etc. We guarantee optimal preparation for the move and a smooth process for your move moving to Lucerne

We work according to the motto: "Professionalism conveys calm and trust"!  

Your move to or from Lucerne is guaranteed to be stress-free with us.

Request a free viewing today.


Lucerne is one of the absolute world leaders in many categories, such as classical music. Of course, this attracts numerous people who plan to move to Lucerne for precisely these reasons.
Lucerne has beautiful quarters, a weekly market and specialty shops. Great events like Honky tonk, comic festival or Wine tasting on the ship. But Lucerne has a lot more to offer, such as the wonderful steamboat trips on Lake Lucerne, the famous, somewhat burned Chapel Bridge, but also great restaurants, great bars and bistros. Even an entire university town is being built in Tribschen. There is definitely no shortage of food here.

By law, you must have one within 14 days change of location in the canton of Lucerne report. You can leave everything else for your move to Lucerne to us.

Moving to Lucerne


VON HOLZEN TRANSPORT GmbH operates throughout Switzerland and eactive throughout Europe. Our moving company takes on numerous orders in and around Lucerne. Convince yourself of our outstanding service, as well additional services in the area relocation and transport and entrust us today with your «Moving to Lucerne»! You will be amazed! 

Our moving service includes:

  • Plan to move to Lucerne

  • Organize move Lucerne

  • Organize a private move Lucerne 

  • Organizing a company move to Lucerne


Around the topic "Moving to Lucerne» we also offer quality moving packaging such as moving boxes. In the past, you were looking for banana boxes for a move, today banana boxes are hard to come by. Today one works with special packagings who bear the heavy burden of reining. We offer an additional service for our customers. On request, we will pack the moving boxes and unpack them in the new location. Or, if you wish, we can bring the packaging to your home so that you can fill it yourself when you feel best. You can find out more about moving boxes unde rpackagings or just ask us.


The positive thing about reining is the fact that a lot disposed ofcan be. Our move planning «Moving to Lucerne» also includes determining whether you would like to get rid of old furniture or other objects. We can also take care of this service if you wishtransportthe goods to the appropriatedisposal point. THE VON HOLZEN TRANSPORT is not just a moving company in Lucerne and the surrounding area, it is one of the moving companies in Lucerne which offers the best services at the best quality, so that your move to Lucerne will be a success.

Our services:

Should you move within the city of Lucerne or are you planning to move? As a moving company in your immediate vicinity, we offer all relocation offers for Lucerne, Meggen, Horw, Kriens, Weggis, ect. Get free advice for your next move to Lucerne.


Are you planning to move to Lucerne and are you looking for a reliable and competent moving company in Lucerne? Then VON HOLZEN TRANSPORT & MOVING, the renowned moving company Lucerne, just the right partner for you! As a moving company in Lucerne, we offer you comprehensive, personal and careful support throughout your move. Our experts are well trained and ready to make moving out and moving into your new home as comfortable as possible for you.


No distance is too great for us as a Lucerne removals company. THE VON HOLZEN TRANSPORT & MOVING guarantees the best quality and professionalism. Of course, your belongings are optimally secured during the journey. As soon as we have arrived at your new accommodation, we, as a Lucerne removals company, will take care of the professional moving of your goods to your apartment or house. But that is not all. If you wish, we can also dismantle and assemble your furniture.


At VON HOLZEN TRANSPORT & MOVING, your moving company in Lucerne, you can be sure that you will receive first-class services at fair prices. We attach great importance to an excellent price-performance ratio in order to make your move-out as pleasant and efficient as possible. As an experienced moving company in Lucerne, we are always on time and stick to the moving plans agreed with you. With us you can rely on a smooth process and maximum reliability. Unexpected challenges while moving out? No problem for! We offer fast and flexible solutions to master even unforeseen situations with confidence.


Rely on the expertise of the Lucerne moving company, VON HOLZEN TRANSPORT & MOVING, and experience a smooth, professional and safe move out of Lucerne. With our help, your new phase of life will begin without any stress or worries.

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