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Umzug Kastanienbaum Luzern


What a beautiful place - Kastanienbaum near Lucerne!
in Kastanienbaum relocation nothing stands in the way with us!

Are you looking for a moving company for your "chestnut tree move"?

Look no further, you have found us :-).
We specialize in perfect moves with the highest standards. Quality has a name: VON HOLZEN TRANSPORT GmbH. As a young company, we are completely repositioning the topic of relocation.

Read what our customers write and see for yourself.

Accept our free service and arrange a free viewing appointment today.

We are happy to serve you!


We set up our home with lots of love. Our lives are full of memories which are very often attached to objects. When we then plan to move, we want to find our home as it is at the new location. But who besides us caresses the furniture lovingly when passing by :-)?

What an uneasiness when we think about having to plan a move. No, no, we can reassure you, you don't have to feel any discomfort and we at VON HOLZEN TRANSPORT definitely guarantee you the best quality and security for your valuables when moving Kastanienbaum. We love our job and so we treat every item as our own. You can even look forward to Kastanienbaum parade with us.

The best way to convince yourself is to have a conversation.

We do not see ourselves as a simple moving company, we are your partner for all questions and challenges relating to your apartment/house move or move-in. A partner who is always there for you. A discreet partner who fulfills your wishes.

Do not hesitate and simply call us on 041 610 60 16 or fill out the form.






Kastanienbaum on the Horwer peninsula is in a unique location with a fantastic view of Lake Lucerne and extremely close to the city of Lucerne. The plots of land in Kastanienbaum are limited and therefore new buildings or the marketing of selected properties are rare. We know Kastanienbaum well and love the attractiveness of the exclusive location, which is also popular for relaxing walks between the districts of St.Niklausen, Felmis and Kastanienbaum.

Are you moving to this breathtaking residential area and are you looking for a discreet moving partner with top quality? Look no further, we are here for you!

Our services related to the topic of moving are excellent and perfectly tailored to the customer.


Here is a small excerpt of what we offer:

Moving to Lucerne

REMOVING KASTANIENBAUM - Professionalism conveys calm and trust

The question of moving is always difficult if you do not yet have the right address.

We have very high standards for ourselves. This distinguishes us and we can say with certainty that we convey calmness and trust through our professionalism which we bring to the day with our work.

We do not advertise on Google, we rely on the references of our customers, because only this is decisive for us and reflects our being.

May we soon count you among our customers?

Contact us and let us advise you free of charge.

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