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Goodbye banana box!

Updated: Oct 13, 2023

The legendary banana boxes are retired!

Who doesn't know this? A move was pending and we collected any banana boxes from anywhere. In addition to the great effort of asking family and friends for moving boxes and organizing them, we also made the effort to look for banana boxes in grocery stores. Initially, these sturdy banana boxes were still free. However, that was a while ago. You can hardly get them these days!

Bananas, but also oranges and kiwis were transported in these banana boxes. These boxes looked the same. Many of these banana boxes could not even be used anymore because they were so dirty. Now one or the other will surely smile :-) and remember... .

But these banana boxes were extremely stable and they could be stacked on top of each other wonderfully. Added to this was the punched recess for gripping the boxes. Despite their origin, different labels and condition, they were very robust and perfect for transport.

In addition to the large and complex organization of the banana boxes, these boxes were also collected and finally after the move we are confronted with the question: "What to do with so many boxes?".

Rent moving boxes and packing
Banana boxes as moving packaging are history

Fortunately, the topic of the move has changed fundamentally today . We pay much more attention to our work-life balance and try to use our free time intensively in addition to the hard work.

Hiring a moving company is no longer a "luxury" - it has become a basic need. It has long been recognized how easy, highly efficient and relieving a professional moving company can be.

Organizing banana boxes yourself is a thing of the past. The banana boxes can retire!

Now we're not jumping after the banana boxes anymore, today we're asking ourselves the question: Which moving company offers the best moving service?".

We, the VON HOLZEN TRANSPORT GmbH are very down to earth and don't like to boast about ourselves. Nevertheless, we would like to point out our great moving service. As a customer of ours, you benefit from the possibility of the moving boxes that you need delivered by us and a few weeks after the move we collect the moving packaging off again. This variant is extremely popular. Based on the moving volume, we know how much packaging you need and also which formats. We bring you the clothes boxes with rods so that the clothes including hangers can be hung directly in the moving box. This saves an incredible amount of time and, above all, the clothes do not have to be ironed afterwards.Our packaging is double-walled or even multi-walled and can withstand a lot of weight. These are extremely robust and specially made for moving. But we also pay attention to our environment and have packaging made from recycled material with the FSC label.

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