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Buy moving boxes - safely packed to your destination

Updated: Oct 13, 2023

With VON HOLZEN TRANSPORT GmbH, the move is worthwhile in many ways. We are known for efficient work processes and high quality standards. The conscientious and professional handling of furniture, electrical appliances and other household goods is a matter of course for us every day.

In order for us to be able to transport goods safely, they must be packaged appropriately for their size and sensitivity. But should I buy moving boxes?Small things are best kept in moving boxes. These have closures on the tops and they also have handles on the sides. Due to the stable construction, they can withstand even high packing weights. Anything that doesn't fit into moving boxes due to its dimensions is wrapped in bubble wrap or transport blankets on the loading area. This also applies to bulky pieces of furniture that are not so easy to disassemble. We also protect these from scratches, bumps and moisture, and sometimes tension belts provide additional security. On request, we will take care of the proper packing of all household goods. We offer this additional service with every move.If you want to pack and move on your own, you can buy quality moving boxes from us. Whether you need laundry boxes with clothes rails or glass boxes, we have it all. Would you like to know more? Just give us a call: Tel. 041 610 60 16

Buy moving boxes
Buy moving boxes

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