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Courier service scheduled delivery: Guaranteed delivery times and flexibility!

Updated: Oct 13, 2023

Date delivery offers our customers the option of a guaranteed delivery time for their goods. The flexibility of our courier service allows us to cater to special needs and requests to ensure deliveries reach their recipients safely and on time.

Courier service direct trips: fast and reliable solution for urgent orders and delivery!

For urgent deliveries it is possible to arrange a direct journey. This means that we deliver the goods directly from your location to the destination without any stops or delays. This solution is especially useful for urgent and important deliveries. Where speed and reliability matter.

Regular courier orders: regular, flexible and reliable deliveries!

For our customers who need regular deliveries, we offer the possibility of arranging standing courier orders. This means that our courier company can set up a fixed schedule for the transfer of your goods. This will guarantee a reliable and efficient delivery. Our flexibility also allows us to accommodate changes or special requirements to ensure deliveries always reach their recipient on time and safely.

Courier service special trips: special requirements and individual solutions!

For special requirements, our courier service offers you the option of arranging a special trip. This means that we can find an individual solution for your specific needs. It doesn't matter whether it's about special goods, time frames or special requirements. Our logistics company works closely with customers to ensure their requirements are met and deliveries reach their recipients safely and on time.

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