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Necessary formalities when moving abroad

Updated: Oct 13, 2023

When moving abroad, it requires particularly careful planning and good organization. The bureaucracy in particular can be high. On the one hand, the regulations of the home country must be observed, on the other hand, other regulations apply in the destination country. The following overview gives a first impression of the formalities that usually have to be completed:

  • De-registration with the authorities of the previous place of residence

  • Register at the new place of residence

  • Car re-registration

  • If necessary, application for a residence permit or a visa

  • tax re-registration

  • If necessary, take out a new health insurance policy in the destination country

In addition, the old household has to be dissolved, while an apartment or house is to serve as a new home in the new home. Moving abroad is therefore associated with a lot of work and should not be underestimated. Nowadays there is always talk of globalization, which makes national borders appear insignificant, but the reality often looks different. If you don't just move within the neighborhood, but also want to move abroad, you will often experience enormous bureaucracy. It is therefore important to know the formalities and to plan enough time for all official matters. In addition, intensive research in advance is absolutely necessary in order to become aware of the necessary formalities.

It pays to hire a transport company that is familiar with international transport and possibly speaks several languages. VON HOLZEN TRANSPORT GmbH has this requirement.

So that your formalities when moving abroad is a success - we are there for you! Phone 041 610 60 16

formalities when moving abroad
formalities when moving abroad

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