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Head office relocation?

Updated: Oct 13, 2023

It's not only as a private person that you have to move from time to time. Companies also occasionally move to other premises. The reasons for a new company headquarters and its relocation can be very different. In many cases, it is an expansion that requires larger company space. A reorientation of the company policy can also make a spatial change necessary. No matter what your reason for a new company headquarters and the associated company move is: We are the right moving company for your request.

Companies are particularly dependent on meeting deadlines and reliably taking on tasks. We have a wealth of experience in both areas. That's why we know exactly what is important when it comes to a new company headquarters and relocation, so we can ideally adapt to your needs. We take care of both the removal of office furniture and the safe transport of your electrical equipment such as computers, screens and of course the coffee machine ;-).

Just talk to us about office relocation and more: Tel. 041 610 60 16

Head office relocation
Head office relocation


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