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Umzug Zug


all around Moving to Zug - not an issue for us. 

Moving to Zug - Are you looking for a professional & reputable moving company? You have found us!

We are repositioning the topic of moving and offer only the very best quality for your move to Zug or from Zug to another canton or even abroad. We are your partner for all questions. Request a free inspection today.


Are you looking for a moving company in the canton of Zug or are you moving to Zug or from Zug to another canton? No problem, we are a professional moving company in your area. Moving is our job. We love our work and are therefore consciously committed to the highest quality so that you can continue to enjoy it after you have moved.
A move is always associated with numerous issues. Planning a move is not easy. How would it be if you could simply hand over the entire move planning?
We are repositioning the topic of moving to Zug. We see ourselves as your partner and not just the moving company that fills out the moving order. We accompany you and answer any questions about the move. We advise, plan, organize and execute. We are within reach and reachable for you. The most important thing: we stand for absolute quality. Do not hesitate and request a non-binding consultation, inspection and offer today. You will be enthusiastic!

Moving to canton Zug

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Lachende Familie auf einem Sofa

Move to Zug with fun...


When moving, often only the prices are compared. You want the best quality. Quality and spot prices, which are awarded based on the number of rooms, do not go hand in hand without an apartment inspection.

We at VON HOLZEN TRANSPORT GmbH are committed to quality and professionalism in moving. Your satisfaction when moving around the canton of Zug is the greatest asset. You can rest assured that your change of residence will be a joy with us. Moving will be fun because you will have a contact person. A person who accompanies and advises you. You will have a company as your partner who will take over the entire organization and planning. No matter whether helicopters, furniture lifts or other additionals such as roadblocks etc. to organize.

With us you are "safe". And best of all: the price/performance ratio is ingenious.
See for yourself.

Moving to canton Zug


Storage rooms and storage areas have become relatively rare in the canton of Zug. Above all, affordable storage space. We offer you the best solution. Very close to you in the canton of Nidwalden, we have very good storage spaces available, tailored to your personal needs. You only pay for what you really need. Simply great - whether you don't know exactly what you are going to take with you and/or have space in the new place, or the old cupboard has become your favorite object but no longer fits into the designer apartment. No matter what you need more space for, we have what you need. Just ask us.

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