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Moving Hergiswil Umzug


Hergiswil am See - one of the most popular residential communities.

Are you planning to move to or from Hergiswil?

For her Moving to Hergiswil do you need someone you can trust -  a moving company you can rely on. Quality when moving is a must! If that's what you want, then you've come to the right place! Schedule a free viewing today!


Hergiswil am See - a beautiful place to live! As Nidwaldners, we know practically every street and we can only affirm the beauty of this catchment area. Some transports and removals we were allowed to close in Hergiswil and look forward to ours satisfied customers back.

You are planning to move to Hergiswil NW and need a reliable partner who can take over the relocation planning with the highest quality standards? Lean back, you have found the RIGHT moving partner.  VON HOLZEN TRANSPORT GmbH is a young moving company which is repositioning the topic of moving.Leandro von Holzen, owner and managing director personally vouches for quality. His credo is: "Professionalism conveys calm and trust!"

Your move to Hergiswil will be made easier with VON HOLZEN TRANSPORT GmbH, because you not only have a moving company with quality standards, you also have a partner at your side. No matter what size your home is and no matter what items need to be transported, we do it with the utmost care. Request a free inspection today. This is how you get to know us and questions can be asked directly.





Umzug Hergiswil

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A move is always associated with a lot of effort. However, this can be massively minimized if you hire the right moving partner or the right moving company. We are highly professional and offer you a complete relocation service. So you can sit back and relax. We see ourselves as your personal partner and organize every step meticulously. Should furniture be delivered and the house is not finished yet? If this is not a problem, we canstore. Our Camp sites in the canton of Nidwalden offer all opportunities for more leeway around a move. 
If moving out dates do not correlate with moving in dates, then we also have space for the entire household.

A move also has to do with dismantling and assembly. You can damage a lot unless professional employees are at work. We guarantee professionalism because we love our job.

Our planning includes every step. Even road conditions are taken into account, time lines from other suppliers, etc. You will notice that we only show a few steps here, a move to Hergiswil or from or to Hergiswil NW has to be considered much more. But don't worry, we know our trade and will take care of everything to do with your move.

Enjoy the time and look forward to your new home!
We are by your side! Get in touch with us, you will be amazed!

MOVING HERGISWIL – How many moving boxes do I need? 

Don't worry about it here. If you organize the move to Hergiswil with us, we will provide the necessary moving boxes and packaging sassess and send to you. As a customer of ours, you can rent the packaging from us. You can also benefit from the great packing service and we will pack everything for you. You can take over parts of the move yourself or you can sit back and let us do the packing and  unpacking and clearing away.

MOVING HERGISWIL – Dispose & Clear 

With every move there are things that we want to get rid of. That is why we also offer the service of clearing and disposal. We clear your basement, your attic, your reduit, ect. WedisposeYour furniture, fitness equipment, clothes, kitchen utensils and other utensils.  Simply get in touch with us. We are glad to be here for you! Phone 041 610 60 16

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