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Umzug Buochs


Are you moving from Buochs or to Buochs Nidwalden?

Moving easily, professionally and efficiently.

Are you looking for a reliable moving company in the canton of Nidwalden? We're happy to help! VON HOLZEN TRANSPORT GmbH specializes in removals, transport and storage rooms. Get a free consultation today and convince yourself of usrem service «Moving Buochs»! You will be amazed! 


Who does not know the feeling of a change of residence and the associated expenses? If you have already moved yourself, then you will be convinced at the latest that you will hire a professional moving company next time. You certainly don't want to experience the stress of moving twice. It's not just the packing that's pending, there are date lines that all have to be taken into account, from delivery, delivery, disposal, transport, loading, unloading, dismantling and assembly, ect. These are just a few things to consider when moving. 

How about sitting back and yours Moving Buochs could easily give up? What would you say if you find a moving company that takes over the entire moving organization? From packing to assembly in the new home! That would be awesome!
We offer exactly this service. With us you have your partner at your side. We take care of all tasks related to your move professionally and efficiently. Simply request a free inspection and clarify your needs on the spot. We are convinced that you will have great fun!





Umzug Buochs

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The first question we ask ourselves is how expensive such a move is. But is this the right question? The costs of a move must certainly be calculated, but what points must be considered when moving?

Make sure that the moving company arranges a viewing appointment for the time being.
You will quickly find out the professionalism of a moving company based on the questions asked. It's not about how many rooms to move, but about what furniture and other items need to be moved. There are numerous points to which a professional moving company pays attention. Finally, it is also its reputation which can be read in the customer reviews.

We can proudly say that we work in a highly professional manner and that our customers are very satisfied. Read the here~recessions.
We advise you free of charge and create a free offer. Take the opportunity to get useful tips from a professional and contact us today! We look forward to you!


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