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When the dark side becomes the sunny side - moving in the heat!

Updated: Jul 12, 2023

In the heat of the day? What should be considered when moving in summer?

Sun, sun, sun! We currently have around 30 degrees in Switzerland and this was already in June. The hottest time (July and August) are also the most popular months for a move. Actually quite logical, since we want the best possible weather and it may also be easier for children to start over in a new community after the summer holidays.

But what do you have to consider at these high temperatures?

Here are the most important tips:

Book an appointment with a moving company in good time

Make sure to book an appointment with a moving company in good time . Exactly at this time the most popular days like Saturdays are well booked.

Start moving early in the morning

Be sure to start moving very early in the morning. The earlier in the morning, the cooler.

Lukewarm tea and salt

At elevated temperatures and during a strenuous workout, the body can lose water through evaporation. The most important thing is to drink enough and to eat something small and salty in between to keep the circulation stable. But avoid iced drinks. The body just needs more energy to bring the cold back down to regular body temperatures. Lukewarm tea is best.

WARNING - sunburn and/or sunstroke!

If you want to move it yourself, don't forget to protect yourself against the strong rays of the sun. In the heat of the moment, sunscreen or hats are often forgotten when moving the reins. The consequences can be devastating. Sunburn or even sunstroke would not be uncommon. We recommend fat-free creams with sun protection factor 50 and a cool cap.

The dark side is the sunny side when moving in summer

If you book a professional moving company, you will definitely be on the Be on the sunny side of life, because you will be able to sit or lie relaxed in the shade while your apartment move is done by itself and without hectic. That's why we are there as moving professionals, to make your life easier and to guarantee a flawless move.

Relaxed moving, even in summer
Relaxed moving, even in summer

You are only a mouse click away from this feeling ;-)

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